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India IB contest
Golden Eight
3 February – 27 March
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8 weeks
8 winners
8 gold prizes
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The higher the volume your referrals will generate, the heavier the trophy coin you can compete for.
1 coin of 50 grams
3 coins of 30 grams
4 coins of 15 grams
Qualify for the prize draw
Sign up as our partner.
Enrol in the Golden Eight contest on this page.
Make sure your referrals trade at least 800 lots—copy trading or Master IB progress don’t count.
Fight for the biggest trophy
Finish in the top eight qualified contestants and guarantee yourself a coin.
Get into the top four and win twice as heavy coin.
Become the absolute champion and take the one-of-a-kind 50-gram coin.
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Previous round winners
50 grams
30 grams
30 grams
30 grams
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